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What is Emotion Analyzer?

Emotion Anlayzer is a simple solution for analyzing emotions (Interest, Like, Stress, Concentration, Calmness, Negative, Comfortable, Refresh β, Appetite β) from brainwaves.
With only one headgear and one iPad, the user can perform measurments and visualize results anywhere. Data can also be exported in CSV format.

Results can be used for product development, benefit creation, evidence making, and PR.

What is Emotion Analyzer?

Usage Cases

It can be used for various purposes in accordance with your business, including research, demonstration experiments, sales promotions, and PR.

Totally new shopping experience

Totally new shopping experience

Uniqlo Australia

Totally new shopping experience based on neural technology that chooses the right T-shirt based on emotions

Finding emotions through the subconscious state

Tourism experience using
the wearable device


From the hypothesis that visitors to Japan might feel something interesting and attractive which Japanese are not aware of; an experience to find out the hidden tourism attraction.

A new style test-ride event

Utilization in promoting valuable insight from evaluation

Bridgestone Corporation

Usage of scientific data results proving that the new product with new features are "less tiring".

Coming Soon

Service improvement
verification experiment

Saizeriya Co,. Ltd.

Research and development of services around menu items and store environments

Functions and Characteristics

Emotion Analyzer is an unique and cutting-edge solution, which allows mobile, realtime use and at low-cost. It is based on the original algorithm developed by intensive research.

Its potential usage varies greatly from conventional brainwave devices.

Feature 1:
Algorithm based on more than 15 years of research

"This algorithm is designed based on a biometric database amassed by professor Mitsukura over 15 years, and allows you to estimate emotions.
The device can simply classify emotions into 'interest,' 'like,' 'stress,' 'concentration,' 'calmness,' 'negative,' 'comfortable,' 'refresh β,' and 'appetite β.'"

Algorythm based on 15 years of research

Feature 2:
Portable and Realtime

"One of the features of electroencephalograms (EEG) is that it shows and visualizes changes in emotions by an excellent time resolution.
Noise arising from body motion and myoelectric factors is removed by a noise filter implemented in the application."

Mobile and Realtime

Feature 3:
High cost performance

Previously, neural marketing research incurred huge costs in general, due to the need for special and expensive equipments.
It was also common to spend vast amounts of time, even under the joint research.
Licensing to use the Emotion Analyzer is time-based, meaning you may use it as much as you like during the license period.

High cost performance

Feature 4:
Video synchronization/Comment addition

"The saved emotion data is time-stamped by the second, and can be exported as csv files.
By using simultaneous video recording, emotion data can be synchronized with video to check which particular actions generated stimulii.
Furthermore, comments may be added, which simplify post-experiment checking."

Video synchronization/Comment addition

− Clients −

  • Bridgestone Corporation
  • Tokyo Visual Communication
  • Mazda Motor Corporation
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Unicharm Corporation
  • P&G Innovation
  • Ajinomoto General Foods, Inc.
  • Asahi Soft Drinks
  • AISIN SEIKI Co.,Ltd.
  • Saizeriya Co,. Ltd.
  • Dentsu Aegis Network

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